Our wines are listed in order, from the driest to sweetest

Classic Norton Wine ~ A heavy dry red wine with a unique earthy flavor.  Has similarities to a heavy Cabernet. Grape: Norton, $18.75/bottle
Riverbend Red Wine ~ A medium bodied dry red wine with soft tannins & a smooth finish. Grapes: Marquette 
Captain’s White Wine ~ A crisp, light dry white wine. Grape: Traminette, Vidal & Catawba
Nauvoo Red Wine ~ A full bodied semi-dry red wine with a smooth finish.  Has similarities to a Pinot Noir. Grape: Chambourcin & Corot Noir $16.75/bottle          
Icarian Red Wine ~ A blended light semi-dry red wine. Fruit forward with earthy flavors. Grapes: Concord & Catawba  $16.75/bottle

Icarian White Wine ~ A tart semi-dry white wine with a fresh fruit flavor and a hint of apricots.  Has similarities to a drier Riesling. Grapes: Vidal & Traminette, $16.75/bottle  

Baxter's Bubbly ~A lively, light bodied bubbling white wine, with hints of apricot, melon & honeysuckle. Grapes: Traminette & Vidal, $20.75/bottle

Brenda’s Blush Wine ~ A semi-sweet blended blush wine with a smooth fruit finish.  Has similarities to a White Zinfandel.
White blends & Marquette,  $14.75/bottle

Classic Catawba Wine ~ A zesty, semi-sweet white wine with citrus notes. Grape: Catawba, $12.75/bottle                                                          

Peach Norbie ~ A sweet white wine with notes of honey and apricot. This light bodied wine has a lingering silky peach finish. Grape: Swenson White, Vidal & Natural Peach  $16.75/bottle

Blackberry Norbie ~ A sweet red wine with rich blackberry flavors and hints of plum. This wine has a smooth and fruitful experience. Grape: Corot Noir & Natural Blackberry, $16.75/bottle

Classic Concord Wine ~ A sweet, light & fruity red wine that pops!  One of our customer’s favorite - a true American classic, just like Grandpa used to make! Grape: Concord   $12.75/bottle                                                  

Classic Niagara Wine ~ A sweet fruity white wine that is one of our customer’s favorites!  Has similarities to a sweet Riesling or Moscato. Grape: Niagara, $12.75/bottle