Baxter’s Vineyards, the oldest winery in the state of Illinois, is a small family winery located in the historic town of Nauvoo, Illinois. The winery was established in 1857 by Emile and Annette Baxter. Today, Baxter’s Vineyards continues within the same family with co-owners, Kelly and Brenda Logan. Kelly is a part of the fifth generation of Baxter’s to grow grapes and apples and make wine in historic Nauvoo

Baxter's History

Emile Baxter (founder of the Nauvoo Winery) came to Nauvoo in 1855 to join the Icarian commune.  When the colony broke up in 1857, Emile and his wife Annette returned to the East Coast, however, the couple soon decided they preferred the rural life in Nauvoo.  It was during the return trip to Nauvoo that Emile Baxter purchased his grape cuttings.  Learning about grape culture from his Icarian friends, Emile purchases eight acres of land near the present Nauvoo business district and set out grape cuttings.  His three sons, Emile Jr., Tom and Cecil joined him in the business, known as E. Baxter and Sons, proprietors of the Golden Hills Vineyards.  In 1987 Kelly Logan and his wife Brenda took over the family business and changed the name to Baxter's Vineyards.  They continue to grow and produce and bottle Baxter's Old Nauvoo Brand Wines.

Vineyard History

Grapes have been growing in Illinois for over 150 years.  One of the first areas to begin growing grapes was on the banks of the Mississippi in Nauvoo.  By 1880 there were over 600 acres of grapes and 40 wine cellars in Nauvoo, and the town was know for its fine wines.  The oldest recorded concord grape vineyard in Illinois was planted in 1851 and is located in the Nauvoo State Park and the vineyard is still producing fruit.  To date, Baxter's Vineyards has 16 acres of grapes with 13 varieties being harvested each year.


Baxter's Vineyards and Winery bottles approximately 1000 cases of wine each year.  We offer several wines to suit individual taste.  From sweet to dry; red, white, blush, you are sure to find the perfect wine!​See Baxter's History page for more!Shop our store online! Click on "more" at the top right of the screen, then click "shop." You can choose local pick-up or have your items shipped.

Baxter's Vineyards & Winery

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